Review: Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh

When Mariko is ambushed by a group of bandits known as the Black Clan enroute to a political marriage to the emperor’s son – Mariko realises she has two choices: she can wait to be rescued…or she can take matters into her own hands, hunt down the clan and find the person who wants her dead. Disguising herself as a peasant boy, Mariko infiltrates the Black Clan’s hideout and befriends their leader, the rebel Ranmaru, and his second-in-command, Okami. As Mariko gets closer to the Black Clan, she uncovers a dark history of secrets that will force her to question everything she’s ever known.… Read More Review: Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh

Top 5 Wednesday: Top Science-Fiction & Fantasy Books On My TBR

This week’s topic is the top science-fiction and fantasy books on our TBR. I’m pretty sure over half of my TBR is fantasy/sci-fi books so it was hard to narrow this list down to just five, but I managed to in the end. I also tried to pick some books that I haven’t mentioned so much on my blog to make this post a bit more interesting.… Read More Top 5 Wednesday: Top Science-Fiction & Fantasy Books On My TBR

Review: Room Empty by Sarah Mussi

Fletcher and Dani are fighting their own inner demons just to stay alive. Dani is ravaged by anorexia and hasn’t eaten for days. Fletcher is fighting to stay off the streets and to stay off drugs. Will their attraction to each other save or destroy them? Both patients at the Daisy Bank Rehab Centre, Fletcher wants to help Dani find out about the Room Empty at the heart of her pain: What happened to Dani in that room when she was four? Whose is the dead body that lies across the door? Why won’t her mind let her remember?As Dani and Fletcher begin to learn how to love, Sarah Mussi weaves an intoxicating story of pain, fear and redemption.… Read More Review: Room Empty by Sarah Mussi

Review: Finding Jade by Mary Jennifer Payne

The year is 2030, and climate change is making life on Earth more challenging. In the midst of it all, fourteen-year-old Jasmine Guzman struggles to come to terms with the abduction of her twin sister, Jade, and with her mother’s illness. Things go from bad to worse when a series of bizarre occurrences lead Jasmine to fear she’s losing her mind. But, with help from Raphael, a boy at her new school, Jasmine learns she actually has special powers. Most surprising of all, she learns that her sister isn’t missing at all … Jasmine just needs to look in the right place: the Place-in-Between, where the demons dwell.… Read More Review: Finding Jade by Mary Jennifer Payne

Review: Carnivalesque by Neil Jordan

To Andy and his parents, it looks like any other carnival. But of course it isn’t. Drawn to the hall of mirrors, Andy enters and is hypnotised by the many selves staring back at him. Sometime later, one of those selves walks out rejoins his parents – leaving Andy trapped inside the glass, snatched from the tensions of his suburban home and transported to a world where time performs acrobatic tricks. And now an identical stranger inhabits Andy’s life, unsettling his mother, as mysterious events start unfolding in their Irish coastal town…… Read More Review: Carnivalesque by Neil Jordan