May 2017 Favourites

I’ve been wanting to post some non-bookish stuff on my blog for a while now, just to change things up a bit, and I figured a monthly favourites post would be a good place to start. So, here are my favourite songs, tv shows, films, etc. from May.

(For bookish stuff check out my wrap-up!)



I’ve become slightly obsessed with PVRIS these past couple of months, their music is so good! This single is off their newest album which is being released in August and I’m completely in love with it, the build in this song is amazing.


I wasn’t overly impressed with the other single Halsey‘s released off this album but I’m liking this one a lot more. I’m anticipating the rest of this new album and hoping I’ll be as obsessed with it as I am with her first album.


It’s been such a treat getting new music from DAY6 every month this year. I can’t believe we’re getting 24 new songs (and 12 music videos) from them this year. And this song is the fun, upbeat single I’ve been waiting for. It’s catchy and I’m pretty happy just listening to it on repeat.



I was a bit late to starting Riverdale but I marathoned the first 10 episodes over a few days and I was hooked. I know there are issues with this show and there are some things I wish would’ve been done differently (specifically a certain thing in the final episode but oh well). But this show is some addictive escapism and I haven’t watched a teenage America drama in so long so, yeah, I really enjoyed this.



I rarely watch films. I’m not a really a film person, I have a very short attention span so struggle to sit watching the same thing for  two hours. The exception to that though is Marvel films. I love Marvel films and I knew I had to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this month. This film was so action-packed and so funny. I think the Guardians of the Galaxy films are some of my favourite Marvel films (as well as Deadpool). And, seriously, I need a baby Groot in my life. I can’t even get over how adorable he is.



Image result for dynalistDynalist is the Website/App that kinda inspired this post (I swear I’m not sponsered or anything). It basically involves bullet-point lists to organise yourself and ideas. And I love it a lot, it seems to match how my brain works and I love using it for storing notes and stuff. I’ve also got mine formatted kinda like an online planner system, as someone who’s too lazy to set up an actual planner (believe me I’ve tried but I can never stick to it), I’ve found it really helpful.


What are some of your favourite things from this month?


13 thoughts on “May 2017 Favourites

  1. I haven’t watched Riverdale yet put I’m planning on doing so this summer once my exams have finished (along with 13 Reasons Why, I’m so behind🙈) and I can’t wait because I’ve heard so many positive things about it

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      1. I’ve heard very mixed things about 13 Reasons Why. I’ve read the book though and I want to see how accurate the series is to the book

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  2. I was late to watching Riverdale, too! But I finished watching it just a few days ago. I loved it (despite its many flaws). I don’t usually watch teen dramas, but it proved to be a nice escape with an interesting little mystery. I’m excited for season 2! And I absolutely love Guardians of the Galaxy. Those two films are so much fun. And Baby Groot is just the freaking best 😀 Glad you enjoyed the second one, too!

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    1. Yeah, Riverdale does has it’s issues but it’s so fun to watch so I love it too 🙂 I can’t wait for season 2, I’m really curious to see how the story progresses after what happened in the finale! And I enjoyed Guardians 2 as much as the first one and I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to not love Groot, lol.

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      1. Did you hear Riverdale’s not coming back until 2018!? I’m so angry and sad lol. I’ll have to catch up on The 100 while I wait 🙂 It really is impossible to not love Groot. He might just be the cutest Marvel/Disney character ever haha

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      2. I heard 😦 I don’t know if I’m going to be able to wait that long, lol. I’m going to have to find some other shows to watch as well in the mean time. I’m glad we’re all agreed on Groot being the cutest ❤

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      3. Actually they changed it! Now they say it’s coming back in October! 😀 Still quite a ways away but not unbearable. I’ll have to catch up on iZombie, too. There’s plenty of really good shows out there, especially on Netflix 😀

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      4. I thought I saw that somewhere but I wasn’t sure if it was true. I’m really glad it’s coming back sooner 😀 I’ve been looking through Netflix to try and find something to watch but I’m really indecisive when it comes to new TV shows. Hopefully, by the time summer has properly started I’ll have decided on something 🙂

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      5. Yeah, I’ve been really picky lately about what I watch lately. I’m just trying to finish up shows I started long ago now haha. Haven’t started many new ones, except for Anne with ‘E’, which was really good 🙂 Hope you find something really interesting to watch in the meantime!


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