Top 5 Wednesday: Current Favourite That Aren’t Books

Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group created by gingerreadslainey. This week’s topic is favourite non-written novels, for example audiobooks, comics, manga etc. But, I haven’t really read enough non-written novels to be able to create a decent list for this topic so I’m cheating a bit. Instead I’m doing a previous topic from this month which I missed. And that topic is our current favourites that aren’t books.

I had to restrain myself from making this post all about music because I could’ve very easily have done that. But I decided to include some other things that I love as well.


1.) Twenty One Pilots

I love Twenty One Pilots’ music so much, it’s just wonderful, musically and lyrically. I don’t think I’ve ever related to any songs as much as I have to so many of there’s. These guys are so talented and they’re amazing live and their music just means the world to me.

And writing this post gave me a great opportunity to go back and watch their music videos to help decide which to feature on this post. I just ended up picking my favourite songs in the end but I still think it was a very productive use of my time…


2.) DAY6

What is a non-bookish post of mine without me mentioning kpop?

Day6 is a band who I’ve been very into lately. I love all of their songs. And they’re doing a project this year where they’re releasing two songs every month which I’m very excited about. I’d recommend checking their music out if you’re a fan of OneRepublic/Coldplay/The Script.


3.) Doc Martens

Another one of my favourite things is Doc Martens, preferably my own Doc Martens, but I love any really. At some point, I’d love to get a second pair but I’m very happy with the ones I’ve got. I have a pair of the classic black ones and I wear them everyday and I adore them so much.


(pictures from Pinterest)

4.) Blankets

Going from Doc Martens to blankets is a bit of a contrast I know but I like random things so this is kinda how it worked out. And this is also the part of the post where you realise I am actually an old lady trapped in a young body.

I can’t sit on the sofa at night without being covered with a blanket, they make me feel all cosy and warm. I’m kinda attached to my own blanket which features nicely on my Instagram posts.


5.) Notebooks/Journals

I also love notebooks and journals! And I’m one of those people who will see a pretty notebook and buy it, even if I know I don’t need it and will probably never write it in. I’ve always loved notebooks and I’m pretty sure I always will.

My favourite one I own is definitely my Alice in Wonderland one which I received for Christmas last year and I’ve been using it as a diary ever since.




What are some of your favourite non-bookish things?



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