Top 5 Wednesday: Book Trends You’re Tired Of

Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group created by gingerreadslainey. This week’s topic is book trends you’re tired of. There are a lot of trends when it comes to YA that I’m tired of seeing and some of these have been around for ages but they just keep cropping up.

So here are five YA book trends I’m tired of reading about.


1.) Unnecessary Cover Changes

This is at the top of my list for a reason because it really gets to me. You know those series that have wonderful covers but, for some unknown reason, someone decides it’s a great idea to change them to something worse. I don’t understand why this happens. Can publishers please stop doing this?eg


2.) Super Protective/Overbearing Male Love Interests

This is something that I’ve been noticing more recently. But I’ve read a few books with possessive guys being kinda controlling with the female love interest and I don’t enjoy reading about it. I don’t mind guys being kind of protective and concerned, but sometimes it’s too much. I prefer couples being on equal ground rather than having the guy being overbearing all the time.


3.) Publishing All the Prequels/Novella/Sequels/Extras

Lots of series have had this going on recently. Just when you think a series of book has finished, it’s announced that a collection of novellas or an extra book from a different character’s viewpoint is being released. Don’t get me wrong, I do love getting extra content from the worlds I love. But sometimes, it just seems too much like a money making exercise.


4.) Insta-love

Yes, the classic, insta-love. It’s been around a while now and somehow it’s still appearing pretty often in YA novels. It’s not realistic and leads to underdeveloped relationships. I don’t find it fun to read about and it just seems like a lazy way to get two characters together.


5.) Non-Existant/Useless Adults

I can’t think of any YA books off the top of my heads that feature a protagonist with both parents still around, especially from fantasy stories. Often always parents are dead or have disappeared somewhere, never to be heard from, and it’s often used as a form of character development. But I’d love to read a YA novel featuring more positive family relationships.



What are some book trends you’re tired of reading about?


10 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Book Trends You’re Tired Of

  1. oh gosh I *hate* unnecessary cover changes so much!! And I hate overbearing love interests and don’t even get me started on instalove…! And the prequels thing gets on my wick too- I agree- it seems like a money making exercise. Agree with everything on this list!

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