Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Underrated Books

Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group created by gingerreadslainey. This week’s topic is our favourite underrated books.

I was looking through my Goodreads to figure out what to put for this list and realised I haven’t really read that many underrated books. So a couple of the books on this list aren’t that underrated but they’re some of least popular ones that I’ve read.


asidescended-highres1.) As I Descended by Robin Talley

Maria and Lily are their school’s ultimate power couple. Only one thing stands between them and their perfect future: campus superstar Delilah Dufrey. Golden child Delilah is a legend at the exclusive Acheron Academy. She runs the school, and if she chose, she could blow up Maria and Lily’s world with a pointed look, or a carefully placed word. But what Delilah doesn’t know is that Lily and Maria are willing to do anything to make their dreams come true. When feuds turn to fatalities, and madness begins to blur the distinction between what’s real and what is imagined, the girls must decide where they draw the line.

I finished this book fairly recently and I really enjoyed it. It had a diverse cast of characters and it was a lot darker than I expected, which I loved. This book is fairly new but I don’t think it’s had as much buzz around it as it should.

41esjgtntyl-_sx333_bo1204203200_2.) The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic

Neil Josten is the newest addition to the Palmetto State University Exy team. He’s short, he’s fast, he’s got a ton of potential—and he’s the runaway son of a murderous crime lord. Signing a contract with the PSU Foxes is the last thing a guy like Neil should do. The team is high profile and he doesn’t need sports crews broadcasting pictures of his face around the nation. But Neil’s not the only one with secrets on the team. He has survived the last eight years by running. But, maybe, he’s finally found something worth fighting for.

I also enjoyed this book a lot!  I’m not a fan of sports so I wasn’t sure if I would like this, but I did! It has a really great cast of characters and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy at some point soon. And another great thing about this book is that it’s free to download on most eBook sites.

271707643.) Maresi by Maria Turtschaninoff

Maresi came to the Red Abbey when she was thirteen. In a world where girls aren’t allowed to learn or do as they please, an island inhabited solely by women sounded like a fantasy. But now Maresi is here, and she knows it is real. One day Jai arrives on a ship. She has fled to the island to escape terrible danger and unimaginable cruelty. And the men who hurt her will stop at nothing to find her. Now the women of the Red Abbey must combat the forces that wish to destroy them. And Maresi, haunted by her own nightmares, must confront her very deepest, darkest fears.

This is a short and sweet book, it’s different from a lot of things I’ve read before. As I think this book is bordering middle-grade which I don’t often read. But, it has a great cast of female characters and is set in an interesting world.

233638744.) Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig

Reasons to Stay Alive is about making the most of your time on earth. In the western world the suicide rate is highest amongst men under the age of 35. Matt Haig could have added to that statistic when, aged 24, he found himself staring at a cliff-edge about to jump off. This is the story of why he didn’t, how he recovered and learned to live with anxiety and depression. It’s also an upbeat, joyous and very funny exploration of how live better, love better, read better and feel more.

I think the main reason this book is underrated is because it’s an autobiography so not as many people would’ve heard of it. But I really enjoyed this book when I read it. It deals with depression and anxiety in an easy to understand way which I appreciated.

134064255.) Burn for Burn by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

Lilia used to trust boys but not after what happened this summer. And she’ll do anything to stop the same thing happening to her sister. Kat’s over the rumours, the insults, the cruel jokes made at her expense. It all goes back to one person – her ex-best friend – and now it’s payback time. Four years ago, Mary left town because of a boy. Now shes back, she’s going after him and she’s going to make him pay. Three very different girls who want the same thing: revenge, sweet revenge. And they won’t stop until they’ve each had a taste.

This book wasn’t amazing but I did still like it, because I do love a good old revenge story. I have a feeling the rest of the series is going to be even better than this first book. So, if you’re a fan of dark contemporaries, I’d definitely recommend this.

Please leave some underrated book recommendations in the comments! I’d love to know your favourites!



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