Interview: Magic Chest Subscription Box

So I recently interviewed Klara from ribbonreviews about her new subscription box, Magic Chest!Β This is a subscription box featuring fantasy books, as well as other goodies, and is aimed at people living in Europe. So, read on to find out more about these subscription boxes!

And subscriptions for the very first box are currently open!



1.) What inspired you to start this subscription box?

It first started, actually, when I read a few posts from European bloggers. Some of us live in remote places and can’t access all the new releases, especially in English. I just love book boxes and have been subscribing to quite a few boxes. But as I live in Germany, there was no possibility of getting a book box from my area, simply because such things don’t exist here. So the whole idea was to give people from Europe the opportunity to get English books of their favorite genre along with other cool bookish items from the region. With less shipping time and lower shipping costs.


2.) What makes this subscription box different from all the other ones available?

Magic Chest doesn’t send you a book and random stuff just because it’s hyped at the moment. We want to give you a box which contains a whole world, waiting for you to explore it. Magic Chest wants to bring more adventures in our daily lives. It’s all about the journey through unknown parts of our imagination. It’s about the feeling you get when you read a fantastic book and you want the feelings to stay with you just a tad bit longer. We want to give you the things that make the reading experience that much more memorable.


3.) What kind of items will be featured in the box?

Each box will contain one hand-picked fantasy book and 3-5 items. Food or drink, cards and maps, bookish items and magical surprises. Everything you need to explore the magical world of the month.


4.) How do you choose the book and items that you feature each month?

I start early researching the book that will be released around the time a box will be sent out and I read them. Only after I have read at least a handful of books, I’ll decide which one to put into the box. After I’ve decided on a book, I’ll go hunt down the magical things that would fit the book, because the world is chosen according to the best book of the month.


5.) Is there anyway for those living outside of Europe to subscribe?

YES! The boxes are intended to be for Europeans, because some of us have troubles accessing English titles. BUT if you write me an email @, I will enable your country, no problem.


Let me know what you think!



5 thoughts on “Interview: Magic Chest Subscription Box

    1. I haven’t had a box, unfortunately, as I don’t have the money at the moment, lol. And this is the first month of subscriptions being available so hopefully someone will post an unboxing on youtube/instagram at some point during the month πŸ™‚

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