The Grinch Book Tag

Yes, I realise Christmas was 3 days ago so I’m for doing this Christmas tag late. But, oh well. Thank you for Zoë @escapinginpaper for tagging me to do this! Seeing as this The Grinch Book Tag, the questions are based off of things that annoy us about Christmas.

Fun fact: I’ve never actually seen The Grinch. Anyway, I’ll get on with it.


41oeytaotjl-_sx324_bo1204203200_Half of the lights on the Christmas tree are burnt out

Name a book/series/character that started out well and then went downhill.

For this one I’ll pick The Vampire Diaries books. This series started out ok, it wasn’t amazing but it was readable. But then it got weird in the later books and I stopped enjoying it. The plot took a strange turn and for some reason the series is still going  and I can’t imagine it’s gotten much better.

me-before-youAnnoying relatives won’t leave you alone

Name a book that you did not enjoy but everyone else seems to love, and it will not stop haunting you.

A book that I dislike that a lot of people love is Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I know there are people who also dislike this book but there are also loads of people who adored it. I just found the characters really frustrating and unrelatable. Plus, the ending was a massive disappointment.

16096824Your pets keep knocking over your Christmas decorations

Name a character that kept on messing everything up for everyone.

I’m gonna go with Tamlin from the A Court of Thorns of Roses series for this one. He always seems to be in the way and is generally just an annoyance. He just doesn’t communicate with anyone and is always messing things up. He’s one of my least favourite characters I’ve read about. And he’s even worse in the second book.

922505_647337578626481_1844438213_oYou hear your parents putting presents out and learn that Father Christmas is not real

Name a book you were spoiled for.

I was spoiled for Allegiant. I wasn’t that interested in reading this book anyway and then a friend told me what happens (which I’m pretty sure everyone knows about) and I became even less interested. I’ve mentioned many times before that I’ll likely never be reading this book.

redqueen-hc-cIt’s freezing outside

Name a character you just couldn’t warm to.

A characters I couldn’t warm to is Mare from the Red Queen trilogy. She’s a very generic protagonist. There’s nothing unique about her personality that makes her stand out to me. Then, in the second book she did a lot of things I didn’t agree with. She spent a lot of time contradicting herself and made a lot of bad decisions.

shadow-and-bone_hi-res-677x1024Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is being played a lot on the radio, giving you anti-romantic feelings

Name a couple that you just could not stand.

A couple I dislike is definitey Alina and Mal from The Grisha Trilogy. Mal was Alina’s childhood crush but never paid her much attention and he wasn’t supportive of her throughout a lot of the series. I really don’t like these two together as I think Alina could do better.

dh-us-jacket-artGrandma has gotten run over by a reindeer

Name a character death that you are still mad about


There are a lot of character deaths I’m still not ok about! But most of them are from the Harry Potter series. The two that pain me the most are the deaths of Fred Weasley and Sirius Black. I hate that the Weasley twins were seperated. And Siriuis was one of my favourite charcters and I hate that I didn’t get to read more about him.

13519397Shops are overcrowded with shoppers for the holidays

Name a series with too many books, or that went on too long.

This might be an unpopular opinion but I’m starting to feel this with the Throne of Glass series. I enjoyed the first couple of books but kinda disliked the third and fifth books, Heir of Fire and Empire of Storms (although I did enjoy Queen of Shadows). I feel like this series is getting dragged out and there are so many issues with it as well. I don’t dislike this series but I also kinda can’t wait for it to finish.

tumblr_lj5pt2p5er1qizjado1_400The Grinch

Name a main character that you absolutely hate (not a villain).

I hated Luce from Fallen. She was a really weak protagonist, there was nothing interesting about her. She keeps coming back to a guy who treats her like crap and is incapable of looking after herself. I felt no connection to her character whatsoever.



4 thoughts on “The Grinch Book Tag

  1. Definitely agree with you with Throne of Glass..I feel like the characters have changed so much and it’s just being dragged out. I didn’t like Empire of Storms at all. Just like you, I didn’t like Heir of Fire either and enjoyed Queen of Shadows.
    Also couldn’t stand Alina and Mal…so annoying!

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