Top 5 Wednesday: Books I Want to Re-Read

Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group created by gingerreadslainey. This week’s topic is books we want to re-read. I’m actually going to be talking about a mix of books and series I want to read again. Writing this post, made me realise just how many books I want to pick up again but with so many amazing, new books being released it’s hard to make the time. Hopefully, this post will inspire me to read some of my old favourites again.


721931.) The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Who doesn’t love re-reading Harry Potter? The last time I read these books was a couple of years ago which is way too long. There are so many things I’ve forgotten about this series that I love so much. I’ve been meaning to make the time to marathon these again for ages but it’s quite a long series so I haven’t yet. Hopefully I’ll get to them soon but my TBR pile keeps growing – so we’ll have to wait and see.


2566832.) The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

One of my posts isn’t complete without mentioning this series. I love this series so much and I really want to read it again. I actually did re-read City of Bones, the first book, a few months ago but I got distracted by shiny new things and never continued the rest of the series. I’d like to read these again at some point in the next couple of months.


136001683.) Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

I read this book ages ago when I wasn’t really in a good place. And although it was a really fun book that I enjoyed, I never got around to continuing the series. I’ve heard lots of great things about the other books. So I really want to read it again to remind myself what happens so I can finish the series


283566244.) Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

I think this is my favourite Rainbow Rowell book. I love Rainbow’s take on magic and wizards. I remember reading this book really quickly the first time I read it and I think it’s a book I could read just as quickly a second time around. This book features one of the best romances – with lots of cute moments. And it features a unique magic system that I’d love to get lost in again.


cvi7oimxeaaoo6s5.) Heartless by Marissa Meyer

I only read this book recently, two or three weeks ago but I really loved it. I loved the romance and all the Alice in Wonderland inspired elements and I really want to throw myself into this world once again. There were so many fun and heartbreaking things happening in this book that I kind of need to read it again to get my head around everything.



What books do you want to re-read?



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