Reasons I’ll DNF a Book

I’ll rarely not finish a book. I am one of those people who feels compelled to finish a book once I’ve started it, even if I’m not enjoying it. I tend to be careful with the books I choose to read, to ensure I’ll like them but it’s hard to know if you’ll definitely enjoy a book.

But, here are some things that will make me put down a book and never want to pick it up again.


1.) Male leads who are unnecessarily rude.

Ok, in all fairness I do like sarcastic, dark male characters. However, there’s a big difference between a character who uses a bit of sarcasm versus one who’s mean for no reason. These guys are often the ones who the female protagonist is supposed to fall in love with, who the girl thinks they can change for the better. It’s incredibly frustrating to read books where the male character is rude and insensitive to the female character but she loves him anyway.


2.) Toxic relationships

To tie in with the above point, I hate reading about toxic relationships that are deemed to be ok in the story. They’re often harmful to the characters and to the readers. For example, any sort of abuse in a relationship is a big no. Also, I dislike when the main characters get in a relationship, the male fixes all the females problems and everything’s all fine. This is an incredibly false thing to read about and can be a bad message to send to readers.


3.) Insta-love and Love Triangles

To tie in with the two above points, are insta-love and love triangles. Both of which are annoying on their own but sticking them together is downright painful. I find both of these cliches to be unrealistic. People do not fall in love with people within five seconds of meeting them, it can weeks or months for someone to fall in love with someone else. And love triangles are also incredibly annoying, especially the way they’re portrayed in young-adult stories.


4.) Terrible writing

I like to connect to the writing of a book, I like to be able to recognise a writer’s distinctive voice. Some books just lack this, the writing is lackluster and it’s a struggle to read. Furthermore, I am turned off of any books with lots of grammar mistakes, as those are things that should be corrected during the editing process.


5.) Plain characters

I hate boring characters. Especially, the generic mary-sue female. The one who’s plain looking but everyone falls in love with and is kind of clumsy and awkward but it’s ok because everyone finds it cute. The one who I’ve read about many times and who I’m fed up of. I want to read about characters with more than one dimension, with actual flaws and passion and drive. Complex, interesting characters are so important to me and I can’t stand stories that pass on character development.


6.) Stereotypes

I’m tired of seeing stereotypes in YA books. I dislike the whole popular mean girl trope and the super hot popular guy with a secret heart of gold trope. I hate certain groups in society by stereotyped and marginalised all the time in novels.


7.) Lack of Diversity

Reading a book with a lack of diverse characters, relationships and backgrounds is frustrating. And recently, I’ve been mostly staying away from stories without any diversity. There are so many different people in this world and it annoys me when authors only write about the same groups in society again and again. 



What things will make you DNF a book?



8 thoughts on “Reasons I’ll DNF a Book

  1. I’ve only DNF-ed two books so far, and one of them was not exactly a book, it was a fanfiction that one of my friends asked me to read (and we could add it to goodreads, which I did) but I wasn’t enjoying it because my friend loved it so much she gave me all the spoilers! Then, the other book I DNF-ed was from a national author and I couldn’t finish it because of the writing (I don’t even want to think I have to read another book of his for school !! 😦 )
    I’ve never hated the plot / characters enough to stop reading the book, tho.

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    1. I think I’ve DNFed most fanfics I’ve read lol. But spoilers are the worst! I probably should’ve included that in this list as well, they completely take away from the enjoyment of a story.
      Good luck reading that book for school – required reading’s just one of those things you gotta get through.

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