The Playlist Shuffle Tag

I was tagged by Britt @geronimoreads and Inge @thebelgianreviewer to do this tag. It’s not book related but music is my second love after books so I’m super excited to do this. I have a strange taste in music, I listen to a bit of everything but I mostly listen to kpop, because I’ve been stuck in that hole for years and I can’t get out and I have no regrets.

I love sharing my music with others and I’m curious as to whether any of you guys like these songs as well!


  • List the first 10 songs that come on shuffle (no skipsies)
  • Then write your favourite lyric (or verse) from that song
  • Tag others


1.) Free Somebody – Luna

This is one of my favourite releases from this year, it’s so catchy! Luna’s part of the girl group f(x) who I love and she’s an amazingly talented woman.

서로 다른 색에 물들고
다른 향기들로 가득하지만

We’re being dyed with different colors
We’re filled with different scents

2.) All Too Well – Taylor Swift

Yea, I also kinda love Taylor Swift.

You call me up again just to break me like a promise
So casually cruel in the name of being honest

3.) Secrets – OneRepublic

I love Onerepublic, and this one of the first songs I listened to by them and I still love it.

‘Til all my sleeves are stained red
From all the truth that I’ve said

4.) Tenerife Sea – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is amazing. I’ve seen him live and he is such a talented guy.

We are surrounded by all of these lies
And people who talk too much
You got the kind of look in your eyes
As if no one knows anything but us

5.) America – Imagine Dragons

Who doesn’t love Imagine Dragons?

Is this just an illusion that I made inside my head to get me by?
20 years in debt
20 years in the government
20 years can never get me by

6.) Need to Feel Needed – Amber

Amber’s actually in f(x), the same group as Luna, and she’s also amazing. She’s one of most cool and chill people I’ve ever come across.

‘Cause baby I, I’m drowning
I’m drowning in the thought of you, in the thought of you

7.) Throne – Bring Me the Horizon

I also listen to the occasional Bring Me The Horizon song because sometimes I’m just in one of those moods.

Every wound will shape me
Every scar will build my throne

8.) Immature – Winner


These guys are so talented and so under-appreciated and this is a really fun song. And I relate to it a lot.

그래 난 철 없어 내버려 둬
좀 더 달려도 돼 아직 우린 젊어

Yes I’m immature, leave me alone
It’s okay to run more. We are still young

9.) Come Back Again – Infinite

Infinite is my favourite guy group because they’re incredibly talented and their music is great. It’s weird watching the music video because this was their first single and it’s making me feel all nostalgic.

잠도 못자 거친 호흡과 괴로움 나를 흔들어
화가 나고 남은 거라곤 후회 또 그리움
이렇게 널 포기할 수는 없어

I can’t sleep the heavy breathing and the pain shake me
I get mad and all that’s left is regret and longing
I cannot give up like this

10.) Run Away – Kim Jaejoong

This is a great song to finish off on, Jaejoong is amazing and this is one of my favourite songs off of his newest album.

내게 노력했다 하지 마
아무것도 안 미워해
왜 날 사랑하게 할 땐
You just run away

Don’t tell me that I tried
I don’t hate anything
Why when I tried to make you love me
You just run away


What songs are on your playlist?



8 thoughts on “The Playlist Shuffle Tag

  1. That Luna was super cute! I loved her Powerpuff Girls dress! I was confused about the DHL shipping shirt, though…
    You understand the lyrics, don’t you? I wish I did, lol.
    Do you live in her US? I know this is probably a stupid question, but it’s nice to know where everyone hails from. Nice list of tracks, and I agree that Kim Jaejoong was a good one to end on! Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha. Luna’s great but I also don’t get the DHL shirt lol – it’s some good advertising for them though I guess.
        And unfortunately I don’t understand the lyrics (I wish I did) but I don’t really think that’s important and there are plenty of translations on the internet anyway.
        I am from the UK 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the songs!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I did! Thanks for sharing your music with us!
        I love PuffyAmiYumi but haven’t listened to them in awhile…I had a Japanese boyfriend who introduced me to Ayumi (I don’t remember her last name…I have the CD somewhere) and other J-pop (I know your music you shared is diff)…I didn’t understand the words, but it didn’t keep me from trying to sing along! Lol!

        Liked by 1 person

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