Review: The Loneliness of Distant Beings by Kate Ling

Title: The Loneliness of Distant Beings
Author: Kate Ling
Published: 19th May 2016
Rating: ★★★✰✰

Summary: Even though she knows it’s impossible, Seren longs to have the sunshine on her skin. It’s something she feels she needs to stay sane. But when you’re floating through space at thousands of kilometres an hour, sometimes you have to accept there are things you cannot change. Except that the arrival of Dom in her life changes everything in ways she can barely comprehend. For a while he becomes the Sun for her; and she can’t help but stay in his orbit. Being with him flaunts every rule designed to keep their home in order, but to lose him would be like losing herself. In the end they must decide what is most important: loyalty to the only home they’ve ever known, or to each other?


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This novel is set on a ship hurtling through space, the humans travelling on it trying to preserve the human race. This intriguing concept is that inspired me to pick up this book as I don’t read enough books like this. I haven’t read many sci-fi books so I was eager to start this. However, this book mainly focuses on romance as opposed to the sci-fi elements.

On the ship, the occupants’ lives are planned out for them. Their education, their job, their partner and so on. Seren, the main character in this novel, is very against this regime. She’s one of the few people to speak out against the system and when she gets partnered with a man she hates and falls in love with someone else, her life takes a turn. Although there were times when Seren annoyed me, I occasionally found her a character I could relate to. I understood where she was coming from regarding her existence on the ship and the boring structure surrounding her life. However, as soon as Dom came onto the scene, I lost her a bit. Dom is Seren’s love interest who she’s forbidden to be with. She falls head over heels in love with him within a few pages. This case of insta-love was somewhat absurd, Seren was willing to throw away everything she’d ever known for this man after knowing him for a few minutes. It was highly frustrating to read.

“It is that quick, it is that strong, it is that beautiful. And it is also totally impossible.”

I love the idea of the human race being sent to space but their is no expansion on the reason for this. Whether it was as a result of disease or destruction, I don’t know. I wish there’d been some sort of explanation as to why people felt compelled to leave Earth to save themselves.

The story itself was fast paced and I couldn’t put it down. Even if this book mostly centered on the quick-forming romance, it was still fun to read. But there were so many issues, some of which I’ve already mentioned, that meant I couldn’t love this book.

Another problem with this book is the writing. The writing style switched from deep and meaningful to cringy within the same paragraph. This was often when Seren obsessed over Dom’s hot body or gorgeous eyes. Yet, sometimes, Seren had thought-provoking ideas about life which were interesting to explore. It was strange and somewhat off-putting having these two contrasting styles mashed together. Perhaps it would’ve been better if just one of these style was focused on instead.

Overall, this was a fun book however the cliches, lack of diversity and insta-love between the protagonists made it less enjoyable. There’s a heavy focus on romance and I’d recommend reading this if you’re a fan of love stories. But if you’re looking for a well-developed out of this world story you might want to pass on picking this up.



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