Top 5 Wednesday: Gateway Books to My Favourite Genres

Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group created by gingerreadslainey. This week’s topic is Gateway Books to Your Favourite Genres. I’m going to talk about five different genres but, to be honest, they’re all YA genres and are kind of similar but oh well.

It’s hard for me to remember exactly which books introduced me to certain genres. But I’m pretty sure this list is accurate; these books at least were the most memorable to me.



1.) Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas introduced me to high fantasy.

I’ll admit it: I am one of those who’s obsessed with this series. This book was one of my first ventures into the high fantasy genre and I really enjoyed it. I’m usually put off of high fantasy series because there’s a lot of world building that I can’t get my head around. However, I like this series because the world builds gradually in each book. I think the first book is suitable for anyone to read, even if they don’t usually like high fantasy, because the information about the universe isn’t overwhelming. By the most recently released book, there’s lots of characters and an intricate world and magic system. But, I promise you, by this point you’ll be so into the series that it’s not confusing or daunting anymore.


cinder2.) Cinder by Marissa Meyer introduced me to sci-fi.

I’ve watched quite a few sci-fi TV shows in my time (well only really Doctor Who) but I’ve never read many sci-fi books. Cinder was the first science fiction novel I’ve ever read and I enjoyed it immensely. Similar to Throne of Glass, the world building isn’t overpowering. This story features an amazing cast of characters and an intersting setting that’s easy to get into. I’ve read the next book in this series, Scarlet, but I haven’t read the rest. However, I’m sure they’ll be just as amazing as this book.


the_fault_in_our_stars3.) The Fault in Our Stars by John Green introduced me to contemporary.

I read this back in the day when I didn’t know contemporary books existed, it didn’t even cross my mind. But then a friend let me borrow this book and I loved it! It was one of my favourite books when I was a young teen and resulted in me binge-reading the rest of John Green’s books. And eventually led me to reach for other books of this genre.


city_of_bones4.) City of Bones by Cassandra Clare introduced me to urban fantasy (and the general YA genre).

I can not explain in words how much I love this series. I know this series isn’t perfect but I am in love with the world and characters and it’s something I constantly return to. This book, along with Twilight, sparked my love of reading. It has influenced a lot of my reading habits, even now, with urban fantasy still being one of my favourite genres. I will read any book Cassandra Clare releases featuring Shadowhunters because I’m so in love with this universe.


418655.) Twilight by Stephanie Meyer introduced me to paranormal fantasy (and the general YA genre).

I complain a lot about this series but I do have a bit of a soft spot for it. Looking back on it now, I can see it has a lot of flaws but when twelve year-old me read it, she loved it. I read this series so quickly even though it features a couple chunky books. And this series inspired me to read more books, in a desperate search to find something to fill the Twilight shaped hole in my heart.


What were the gateway books to your favourite genres?


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