Review: Breaking Rules by Tracie Puckett

20754848Title: Breaking Rules
Author: Tracie Puckett
Published: 7th February 2014
Rating: ★★★✰✰

Summary: Sometimes the lessons of childhood are damaging enough that, by eighteen, you’ve figured out some rules so you don’t repeat your parents’ mistakes. For Mandy, that meant finishing her last year of high school, going to college, and then returning to small-town Sugar Creek to live a solitary life as a writer. That was before she met Gabe who starts to awaken emotions she’s never experienced. She can’t be falling in love, can she? Could she break one of her most important rules—for Gabe?

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I recently acquired an eReader and I decided to download a load of free books from the eBook store. This book was one of them. This is the first eBook I’ve read and I enjoyed it more than I expected to and I plan on continuing to use my eReader to read books I wouldn’t normally pick up. Anyway, on to the review!

This story focuses on Mandy, a girl who has set herself a list of rules to help protect her from being hurt. These rules make her a very stubborn character which is something that frustrated me while reading this novel. At 18, she thinks she knows everything and refuses to let anyone in to prove that not everyone is going to disappoint her. I found this outlook understandable, as I know what it’s like to be weary of new people and new things, but it irked me a lot. Most of Mandy’s issue arose from a lack of communication between her and everyone around her and could have been easily resolved.

“One of these days, someone’s going to come along, someone who deserves your time and attention, someone who might really care about you, and you’re going to be too far gone to even see what’s right in front of your face”

On the constrast, I found Mandy’s twin sister more bearable. Despite being introduced as a bitchy character, she truly cares about her sister. She’s the complete opposite of Mandy, she’s bossy and free-spirited and I would have liked to learn more about her character.

This is a romance book yet it lacked in romantic moments. Mandy’s love interest, Gabe, is a successful man with a mysterious past. At the beginning of book he’s interested in her well-being but towards the end of the book he grew distant. He went from comforting her in one chapter to ignoring her in the next. This seemed to strange to me and a bit out of character for someone who had previously been quite open. This book also features coming of age elements with Mandy learning to accept herself and trust others. There was some sound character development for her over the course of this novel.

This is the first in a trilogy and I’m curious as to where this story will go but I’m also disappointed it’s going to be dragged across three books. This book alone had a lot of dull moments and could’ve been condensed down. Despite the slow pacing of this book, I still had the desire to read on and finish it.

A lot of the writing in this book was repetitive. Mandy had the same conversations again and again just with different people and had the same internal debates with herself. It was frustrating to read as she could have solved most of her problems by simply talking to someone.

You might be wondering why, after all this complaining, I gave this book three stars. Even though this story had a lot of issues, I enjoyed reading it. I’m not sure why but I felt compelled to finish it. It had an addictive element for me and I’m still trying to identify exactly what that was. If you’re looking for a casual, light read then you might want to check this one out.


2 thoughts on “Review: Breaking Rules by Tracie Puckett

  1. Don’t you love your ereader? I love my Kindle, but I use the Kindle app more…but it’s nice to have it, you know?
    Excellent review! There’s so many free books out there that are worth a read…or not. Great review!


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