7 Tips to Read More During School

Summer is ending. Unfortunately, the freedom that comes with the Summer months is disappearing too as many people will be returning to school after a long break. I know some people are back at school/college/university already and some people aren’t back for a couple months or so. Either way, you might be wanting some tips to help organise your life.

I’m returning to college in the first week of September which means my free time is going to be cut back significantly and as a result I’ll have less time to read. However, I have a couple of tips to use during school time to guarantee you can balance your school and reading life.

School is important and should be your priority but it’s essential to continue doing the things you love to keep your spirits and energy high. Even though this post is focused on managing reading whilst in education, a lot of these tips could also be used to organise your reading whilst working.

Hopefully these tips will help you maintain your reading habits as your life gets busier!


1.) Set aside a designated time to read everyday

Having a specific time to read everyday ensure that you can focus on what you’re reading and not worry about other tasks that you need to get done. You might already have a set time you read, it’s just a matter of working that into your new schedule. If you like to read in the morning, you could wake up earlier to fit in the time to read before you have to get ready. Alternatively, if you like to read in the before you go to sleep, you could go to bed a bit earlier to give yourself time to read and allow yourself to get enough sleep.

2.) Read during study breaks

This is something I do a lot whilst revising for exams. I used the Pomodoro technique which involves 25 minutes of work and then a 5 minute break. During my short break, I used to read. 5 minutes may not sound like enough time to get any reading done but even if you only read a few pages, it’s better than nothing. However, it’s important to make sure you move about a bit, snack to replenish your energy and drink plenty of water during your breaks as well.

3.) Do the things you want to do first

Ok, I’m not trying to encourage you to procrastinate because procrastination is bad. Really bad. What I’m trying to say is it’s better to get something done than nothing. There may be times where not only are you putting off revising for that exam next week but you’re also not allowing yourself to read the book you’ve been dying to start. By late afternoon, you’ve done neither of these things and feel like your day has been wasted. If you need to study for a test, then do it. But if you really can’t bring yourself to, then do something else you want to do first. Read that book and return to study for that test afterwards. This way you’ll feel you’ve had a productive day.

4.) Read books you really want to read

Make sure you read books you’re interested in, something you will truly enjoy. I prefer reading shorter stories during busy times from authors I know and love. You’re first week back at school is probably not the best time to be starting that massive, intimidating high fantasy series. Forcing yourself to read something you don’t really like is going to stress you out and school stress alone is bad enough.

5.) Always carry a book with you

If you always have a book with you it means you can read at anytime. There may be free time you didn’t expect, giving you an extra opportunity to read. For example: if your teacher is late to class or a lesson is suddenly cancelled. It’s not difficult to fit a book or eReader into your bag so it’s always available and ready when you have free time.

6.) Read several books at once using different methods

If you can’t fit a book into your bag, there are other ways to read. Often you can read several different types of book at the same time. Ensuring you’re reading a physical book, an audiobook and eBook means you can squeeze more reading into your day. You can read your paperback book whilst you have time at home, listen to an audiobook whilst you walk to college and carry you’re eReader in your backpack. This gives you plenty of opportunities to keep up to date with your reading.

7.) Take breaks and don’t stress!

The most important thing to remember is don’t stress yourself out! Don’t panic if you don’t read for a few days, or even a few weeks; the world isn’t going to end. It’s much more important to make sure you are happy and healthy. Don’t put all your energy into one hobby, remember to spread your time and allow yourself to do all the things you want. But remember to complete your school work and put the effort in to get the results you want and deserve. You’ll always have time to read that book, you won’t always have time to study for your final exam



I hope you guys found this post helpful. How do you balance school and reading?


12 thoughts on “7 Tips to Read More During School

  1. Lucky you get to start next week. My first day is tomorrow (Tues/Thurs classes) and I’m dreading the 8:30-3:45 day I have. But I always have time between classes and that’s why I bring my Kindle in my purse. I have the small version, which is light and fits in a purse pocket, and I use it a lot during school. Otherwise I’ll stick what I’m reading in my backpack (when you get books from my library, they are always hardback).
    Good luck with classes: what’s your major? Have you decided?


    1. I’m glad I’ve still got a few days of holiday left, but summer has ended to soon. I’m good that you’ve still got some free time to read. Your library only has hardback books? I’m jealous! My library is almost exclusively paperbacks.
      I’m currently studying Biology and Maths. What about you?

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      1. English. I WAS studying Biomedical Sciences, but it got too advanced for my poor brain. I decided to major in what I do best, and I hope to teach. But if for some reason I can’t, I will be able to use the English degree to do technical writing or editing, or copywriting. So it won’t be a loss if I can’t be a teacher. I wanted to make lots of money, and that’s why I chose the sciences, but the sciences refused to choose me back, lol.

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  2. Thanks for those tips, I’ll definitely try some of them! I’ll start senior year at high school on september 12th, so I still have a few more days of holidays to enjoy, but I’m already worrying about fitting all of the things I want to do in my schedule (especially because my school haven’t given us ours yet) and I’ll apply your tips not only in finding reading time, but just time in general! 😂 Also, thanks for following my blog 😄


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